About RoofTop Rannaghar

RoofTop Rannaghar is a Bengali YouTube cooking channel. The channel is different from other normal cooking channels on YouTube because here we are going to introduce the idea of rooftop kitchen. Here, in each video, a common people will show us how to cook a particular recipe and there will be an anchor to host the show. We will mainly focus on easy and quick-to-cook recipes which anyone can cook in his/her home.

Why RoofTop Rannaghar?

In Today’s world, smartphone is gaining popularity faster than ever and so do YouTube. Everybody is now depending upon YouTube for any tutorial, recipe, fashion ideas-the list will go long. On YouTube, there are numerous cooking channels and some of which are quite popular also. However, most of these channels (worldwide) are conducted by a single person who shows us how to cook certain recipes in a well furnished kitchen.

For us, cooking is an art and it can be performed in any place. A well furnished kitchen can easily be replaced with a simple table, set on a rooftop and that will increase the excitement of cooking to a great degree. Also, there are many delicious homely recipes exist in Bengal which most of us can’t remember now. Our main objective is to bring these recipes forward and make them world famous through our channel. For this reason, we will introduce different person in each video and will show an uncommon recipe which is delicious and easy-to-cook at the same time. Our Kitchen will be on a rooftop and from there the name of the channel came-RoofTop Rannaghar. The channel concept is unique for YouTube and we are going to be the first to bring this concept online.